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The Australian: Let Us See The Khemlani Letter

The Australian editorialised about the Loans Affair and the letter of authority given to Tirath Khemlani by the Minister for Minerals and Energy, Rex Connor.

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$4000m Loan Letters

In June 1975, the Loans Affair began to erupt.


Whitlam’s Press Conference Following Ministerial Reshuffle

Following a week of turmoil that ended in a ministerial reshuffle and the demotion of Jim Cairns and Clyde Cameron, Whitlam held a press conference and faced questions on the loans affair and other matters.

Whitlam made a brief statement (not included on the recording below) and then took questions. The full transcript is shown below.

The press conference took place on Tuesday, June 10, 1975, in Canberra. [Read more…]

Alan Ramsey: Hawke The Squawk

In June 1975, Whitlam conducted a reshuffle of his ministry.

Bill Hayden became Treasurer.

Dr. Jim Cairns was demoted to Environment minister, becoming the only Treasurer never to present a Budget.

The Loans Affair was about to erupt again.

Whitlam and Barnard would soon precipitate the disastrous Bass by-election.

And Alan Ramsey reported in Melbourne’s Sunday Press that Bob Hawke’s position as ALP President might be in jeopardy…

Sunday Press
Sunday Press
Sunday Press

Of course, the important news of the day was still on Page 1:

Sunday Press
Sunday Press