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Snedden, McMahon, Whitlam And Gair On The Campaign Trail

This 22-minute compilation contains radio segments broadcast on the ABC’s “PM” program on November 27, 28 & 29, 1972.

The election that would bring Whitlam to office was less than a week away.

  • the then Liberal Treasurer, Bill Snedden, commenting on the election of Norman Kirk’s Labor government in New Zealand, and avoiding leadership questions and criticisms McMahon had made of his Cabinet. Snedden became the Liberal leader after the election.
  • Prime Minister William McMahon’s visit to Puckle Street, Moonee Ponds, in Melbourne. It includes some classic vox pops with locals.
  • Gough Whitlam addressing the National Press Club, discussing a range of issues, including his views on the voting system.
  • The Democratic Labor Party leader, Senator Vince Gair, addressing the National Press Club. Of particular interest are his comments on issues of morality and “pollution of the mind”.
  • Whitlam’s final interview three days before the election.
  • Listen to the compilation (22m)