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The Adventures Of Edward Gough Whitlam: Smacka Fitzgibbon

Just ten weeks after Whitlam was elected, the ABC’s This Day Tonight program telecast Smacka Fitzgibbon singing a song titled The Adventures of Edward Gough Whitlam.

The song was a take-off of The Adventures of Barry McKenzie, a hit movie of 1972 that starred Barry Crocker. The title song, sung by Fitzgibbon, reached Number 22 on the Australian Singles Chart.

Graham Francis (“Smacka”) Fitzgibbon was a well-known entertainer who opened Melbourne’s first jazz restaurant in Kew. He died of a cerebral haemorrhage on December 15, 1979 aged just 49.

  • Listen to The Adventures of Edward Gough Whitlam (3m)
  • Watch an extract of Fitzgibbon singing the song (82s)
  • Watch The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (3m)
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