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Labor’s First Six Months – An Assessment

The pattern is the same every time a government changes. After six months, there is a spate of commentary on their performance.

The usual assortment of left and right commentators, academics and interest group representatives assess the new government’s progress and look at the parlous future of the other party now in opposition.

In the Current Affairs Bulletin of July 1973, the progress of the Whitlam government was covered by Dennis Altman, B.A. Santamaria and Gavan Butler. The future of the Liberal Party was dissected by Katharine West.

Forty-nine years later, Altman and Butler are still active in academia. Santamaria died in 1998, aged 82. West was an academic who specialised in the Liberal Party.

Current Affairs Bulletin was published by the Department of Adult Education at the University of Sydney. A PDF of the July 1973 edition appears below. It may be enlarged to full screen.

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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