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Posts published in April 1974

Whitlam’s 1974 Election Policy Speech

Text and Audio of Whitlam's 1974 Election Policy Speech, delivered at the Blacktown Civic Centre. Whitlam asked for a "fair go" and a "great vote of affirmation".

Sir Paul Hasluck’s 1974 Proclamation Dissolving Parliament

Text of Governor-General Sir Paul Hasluck's proclamation of a double dissolution of the Federal Parliament. Includes audio of the Governor-General's Official Secretary, David Smith, reading the proclamation on the steps of Parliament House.

Full Poll In May: Sun

Front page of the Melbourne Sun News-Pictorial reporting Whitlam's announcement of the May 18, 1974 double dissolution election.

Whitlam Announces 1974 Double Dissolution Election

An extensive collection of audio clips of events leading up to to and after the announcement of the 1974 double dissolution election by Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. Includes text of Whitlam's announcement to the House of Representatives.