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Treasurer Frank Crean’s 1974 Budget Speech

The second of the Whitlam government’s three budgets was delivered by the Treasurer, Frank Crean, on September 17, 1974.

The Budget was Crean’s second and last. In December 1974, Whitlam replaced Crean with Dr. Jim Cairns.

The day after the Budget, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam delivered an Address to the Nation.

The Hansard transcript of the Budget appears below.

  • Frank Crean’s Budget Speech (25m)
  • An ABC News report on the Budget (2m)
  • Former Prime Minister John Gorton comments on the Budget (1m)
  • Sep 18: Whitlam’s Address to the Nation (3m)
  • Clyde Cameron, Minister for Labor and Immigration, comments on the Budget (12m)

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