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Archives for June 1975

Collette Cartoon: Bass By-Election

This cartoon by Collette appeared in the Melbourne Herald on June 30, 1975.

It appeared two days after Labor was defeated in the Bass by-election in Tasmania.


Australian Editorial: Bass Thumps Whitlam

This is an editorial from The Australian, published on June 30, 1975, the Monday after the Bass by-election.


Fraser: We’ll Win Any Federal Election Now

The Bass by-election signalled to Malcolm Fraser that he would most likely win a federal election.

This is the front page of The Australian on June 30, 1975.

The Australian, June 30, 1975

Sunday Observer: Get Out Gough

This is the front page of Melbourne’s Sunday Observer on Sunday, June 29, 1975, following the ALP’s defeat in the Bass by-election.


Bass By-Election: Labor In Need Of A Miracle

Labor was annihilated in the Bass by-election on June 28, 1975.

This is the “Politically Speaking” column by Laurie Oakes in the Melbourne Sun on the morning of the by-election.

The by-election was caused by the resignation of Whitlam’s first deputy prime minister, Lance Barnard.



PM, Teacher Clash At Bass Meeting

“You are a disgrace to your profession,” Mr. Whitlam told the Launceston school teacher.

The Age

Fraser Alleges Gerrymander

It may surprise Malcolm Fraser’s contemporary acolytes but back in 1975 he was opposed to one-vote-one-value in electoral boundaries.

This letter to The Age was a fairly common argument from the coalition when Whitlam legislated to reduce the 20% tolerance to 10% in electoral redistributions. The 20% tolerance allowed rural and regional electorates to be much smaller in size, thus advantaging Country Party members and rural Liberals.

The Age

Gallup Poll: Labor’s Vote Slumps

An opinion poll in the Melbourne Herald gives an indication of the electoral disaster looming for the Whitlam government.

Melbourne Herald
Melbourne Herald

Paul Kelly: Fraser Gets A Gift Shot

Paul Kelly was more on the mark in his assessment of the implications of the impending Bass by-election.

The Australian

John Jost: Previewing The Bass By-Election

Journalists didn’t see the huge anti-Labor landslide coming in the Bass by-election.

The Age