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Whitlam Promises To Drink More

After ALP and ACTU President Bob Hawke admitted to drinking too much, Whitlam satirically promised to drink more.

The future prime minister, and frequent critic of the Whitlam government, made his comments about drinking in a media interview.

Whitlam’s whimsical response to Hawke’s confession came in an exchange with Channel 9’s Peter Harvey.

Around this time, satirist and impersonator Paul Jennings released a song called “Let’s all drink to Bob Hawke”.

  • Listen to Hawke (30s)
  • Listen to Whitlam (3m)
  • Listen to “Let’s All Drink to Bob Hawke” (3m)

For filing purposes I have dated these recordings as August 1, 1975 but I’m not sure of the precise date. From other recordings, they appear to be prior to the August 1975 Budget.


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Malcolm Farnsworth
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