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Palindromic Pro-Consul Speaks Out

The Governor of Queensland, Sir Colin Hannah, attacked the Whitlam government as “fumbling” and “inept”.

Hannah spoke on the same day that Malcolm Fraser announced the Coalition would block the Budget in the Senate.

Whitlam, describing Hannah as “the palindromic pro-consul“, advised the Queen to revoke Hannah’s dormant commission to act as Governor-General.

Hannah’s observations on political events, in defiance of the convention that holders of vice-regal office are apolitical, were supported by the Queensland Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

The article below appeared on page one of The Age on October 16, 1975. Whitlam’s statement on the revocation of Hannah’s dormant commission follows.

  • Listen to a portion of Hannah’s remarks (1m)

The Age

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Malcolm Farnsworth
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