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Selected Audio Clips From The 1975 Election Campaign

This is a selection of audio clips from the 1975 Federal Election campaign.

The clips were first broadcast on radio and television programs during the election.

  • Turn On The Lights – Liberal Party campaign jingle, sung by Renee Geyer.
  • Anthony’s Policy Speech – The National Party leader and Deputy Prime Minister.
  • Whitlam comments on policies [Nov 27]
  • Whitlam says it’s the first time the burglar has been made caretaker.
  • David Combe, ALP National Secretary, discusses the ALP’s mood.
  • David Combe discusses the Opinion Polls.
  • Whitlam talks about the coup.
  • Whitlam on education spending.
  • Whitlam on Fraser’s conduct.
  • Whitlam on 3-year terms.
  • Whitlam talks about the crowds attending election meetings.
  • Whitlam speaks at Norwood High School in Melbourne.
  • Shirley Jacobs sings The Labor Way.
  • An election crowd chants We Want Gough.