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Posts published in “Year: 1977

Whitlam Concedes Defeat, Resigns Leadership

Audio of Gough Whitlam's concession of defeat in the 1977 federal election and his announcement that he will step down from the ALP leadership. Includes discussion on ABC television and comments by Bob Hawke and Fred Daly.

Sir John Kerr Drunk At The Melbourne Cup

Audio and video of Sir John Kerr's drunken performance at the Melbourne Cup in 1977, just a few weeks before his retirement as Governor-General.

Kerr’s Retirement in London (Palace Letters)

Sir John Kerr's letter to the Queen's private secretary, Martin Charteris, expressing his satisfaction with the announcement of his retirement and the provision of an office, staff and transport in London.

Whitlam’s 10th Anniversary As ALP Leader

Audio of a segment on the ABC's This Day Tonight program on February 8, 1977, examining Whitlam's 10 years as leader of the ALP through the eyes of cartoonist Jeff Hook and speechwriter Graham Freudenberg.