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1977 Federal Election: Whitlam Addresses ALP Election Rally At Moorabbin Town Hall

Whitlam fought his last election campaign as leader of the ALP in 1977.

The federal election was held on December 10. Whitlam and the ALP were defeated by a large margin only slightly less than the landslide defeat of 1975. Whitlam announced his resignation as leader of the ALP on election night.

This is probably the only recording made of Whitlam’s appearance at an ALP election rally at the Moorabbin Town Hall, in the electorate of Hotham, in Melbourne, on November 28, 1977.

Whitlam’s 1977 Election Policy Speech

Whitlam delivered the ALP policy speech for the 1977 federal election at the Sydney Opera House.

For the first time, Whitlam’s speech was not broadcast in full. The televised address contained contributions from Whitlam’s shadow ministers.

Gough Whitlam’s 1977 election policy speech, delivered at the Sydney Opera House.

A Program for Australia’s Recovery

The task before us is to get Australia back to work, to give our young people, our unemployed, our small business people, our migrants a new hope—hope for decent jobs, hope in their future and the future of their country. The deepening economic crisis, the deliberately created unemployment call for bold, decisive measures. I shall be putting forward proposals to cut through, once and for all, the knot which ties unemployment and inflation.

We reject the defeatism and despair which says to Australia’s young people that their lives must be ruined if inflation is to be beaten.

Our proposals will call for Australia’s resources of co-operation, good faith, maturity and responsibility—co-operation from the States, good faith from business and maturity and foresight on the part of the people of Australia.