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Whitlam And McClelland Speak At NSW Labor Lawyers Dinner

Gough Whitlam and former Senator Jim McClelland both addressed the NSW Labor Lawyers at a dinner in Sydney on July 4, 1980.

Following the 1974 federal election, McClelland was Whitlam’s Minister for Manufacturing Industry and then Minister for Labour and Immigration. First elected to the Senate in 1970, McClelland had retired on July 21, 1978, just ten days before Whitlam also resigned.

McClelland was appointed by the NSW Wran Labor government as the first Chief Judge of the Land and Environment Court. He would go on to head the 1984 Royal Commission into British Nuclear Tests. He died in 1999 at the age of 83.

This is probably the only recording of Whitlam and McClelland at the dinner that night. I only had a small portable recorder and the quality is variable. There is some interference from talkative and lubricated guests.

  • Listen to the introduction to Jim McClelland (3m)
  • Listen to McClelland’s speech (33m)
  • Listen to the introduction to Whitlam (3m)
  • Listen to Whitlam’s speech (56m)
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