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Dismissal Images

This is a small selection of images from the Dismissal and the Whitlam years.

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  1. It’s Time – a 1972 ALP election poster.
  2. Clifton Pugh’s portrait of Whitlam – Pugh was working on this painting on the day of the dismissal.
  3. “Fraser In” – the front page of the Melbourne Sun-News Pictorial in March 1975, following Fraser’s election as Liberal leader. Fraser defeated Billie Snedden and played down the idea of forcing an early election unless “extraordinary and reprehensible circumstances” occurred.
  4. The Age front page from July 1975 – implicating Phillip Cairns in the overseas loans affair.
  5. Whitlam Rally – during the three weeks of the constitutional crisis, a series of public rallies were held in the capital cities around the country. The chant of “We Want Gough” was frequently heard.
  6. David Smith reads the proclamation dissolving the parliament from the steps of the Old Parliament House on November 11, 1975. Shortly afterwards, Whitlam made his famous “Kerr’s Cur” speech.
  7. Another picture of the Governor-General’s Official Secretary, David Smith.
  8. Protests outside Parliament House following the dismissal.
  9. Kerr Sacks PM – the front page of The Age on November 12, 1975.
  10. If he goes… – Tandberg’s classic cartoon.
  11. Swearing In – the Fraser caretaker government is sworn in by the Governor-General.
  12. The Trio – Fraser, Kerr and Anthony, sworn in the day after the dismissal.
  13. The Whitlam Government – the cover of Whitlam’s book, published on November 11, 1985.
  14. Abiding Interests – the front cover of Whitlam’s 1997 book.
  15. Signed Picture of Whitlam – 1997
  16. Whitlam – 1972


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