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Jeff Cartoons is pleased to have been given permission by the cartoonist, Geoff Hook, to publish a selection of his work from the Whitlam period.

Hook drew under the name “Jeff”. For many years, he was the daily cartoonist at the Melbourne Sun-News Pictorial. The paper was owned by the Herald and Weekly Times, until it was taken over by the Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited in the 1980s.

Generations of Sun readers will remember the daily search for the hook hidden in each cartoon.

Geoff Hook died on July 20, 2018. He was 89.

Visit Jeff’s website for a larger selection of his work.

Some of Jeff’s cartoons from October-December 1975 appear below:

October 20, 1975:

October 21, 1975:

October 22, 1975:

October 28, 1975:

November 03, 1975:

November 04, 1975:

November 06, 1975:

November 07, 1975:

November 10, 1975:

November 11, 1975:

November 12, 1975:

November 14, 1975:

November 21, 1975:

December 01, 1975:

December 05, 1975:

December 08, 1975:

December 15, 1975: