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Bill Snedden’s Address To The Nation

With the double dissolution election set for May 18, 1974, the Leader of the Opposition, Bill Snedden, made a televised Address to the Nation.

Snedden appeared on ABC television on Tuesday, April 23, 1974, at 7.30pm, pushing back the start of the current affairs program, This Day Tonight.

In the address, Snedden outlined the reasons why the Opposition had forced the election by threatening to block Supply.

Whitlam had delivered an Address to the Nation the previous week.

  • Listen to Snedden’s Address (11m)

Article from The Australian, April 23, 1974.


Transcript of Snedden’s Address, published by the Sydney Morning Herald.


Address To The Nation: Gough Whitlam On Why The 1974 Election Was Called

Following the Gair Affair and the Opposition’s decision to block Supply, Whitlam called a double dissolution election for May 18, 1974. He had been in office for 17 months.

On Tuesday April 16, at 7.30pm, pre-empting the ABC’s nightly current affairs show, This Day Tonight (TDT), Whitlam made an Address to the Nation.

In it, he put the argument that his government was being frustrated by a Senate that was elected 3 and 6 years earlier. He quoted his Liberal predecessor, Sir Robert Menzies, and described this as “a falsification of democracy”. [Read more…]