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Richard Carleton, A Face From The Dismissal, Dies, 62

Richard Carleton, one of Australia’s best known journalists, and one of the faces in the famous picture of Whitlam on the steps of Old Parliament House following the Dismissal on November 11, 1975, has died, aged 62.

Richard CarletonCarleton was attending a media conference at the Beaconsfield mine in Tasmania where two miners have been trapped underground for 12 days.

Following a question to mine manager Matthew Gill, Carleton walked away and collapsed. He died shortly afterwards.

Channel 9 tonight broadcast Carleton’s last report on the man-made causes of the mining disaster.

Carleton was a reporter on This Day Tonight during the Whitlam government. Film of the scene on the Parliament House steps following Whitlam’s dismissal show Carleton rolling his eyes as Whitlam describes Fraser as “Kerr’s cur”.

Carleton’s most famous encounter on television was with Bob Hawke on February 3, 1983. Earlier in the day, the ALP replaced Bill Hayden as leader with Hawke. Simultaneuously, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser was about to call a snap double dissolution election. The “blood on your hands” interview with Hawke took place on the ABC’s Nationwide that night.

  • Feb 03, 1983 – The Blood On Your Hands Interview. This is the famous interview involving the ABC’s Richard Carleton and Bob Hawke, just hours after Hawke ascended to the leadership following Bill Hayden’s resignation.
Richard Carleton with Whitlam
Richard Carleton with Gough Whitlam, circa 1972-75


Whitlam Concedes Defeat, Resigns Leadership

Gough Whitlam appeared in the National Tally Room on election night to concede defeat and resign the ALP leadership.

The voice of Kerry O’Brien, Whitlam’s press secretary, can be heard as Whitlam arrives to address the media. [Read more…]

A Lack Of Communication?

Bob Hawke had some opinions about the reasons for the defeat of the Whitlam government in 1975.

This piece appeared in The National Times, December 15-20, 1975.

National Times

Whitlam Promises To Drink More

After ALP and ACTU President Bob Hawke admitted to drinking too much, Whitlam satirically promised to drink more.

The future prime minister, and frequent critic of the Whitlam government, made his comments about drinking in a media interview.

Whitlam’s whimsical response to Hawke’s confession came in an exchange with Channel 9’s Peter Harvey. [Read more…]

Alan Ramsey: Hawke The Squawk

In June 1975, Whitlam conducted a reshuffle of his ministry.

Bill Hayden became Treasurer.

Dr. Jim Cairns was demoted to Environment minister, becoming the only Treasurer never to present a Budget.

The Loans Affair was about to erupt again.

Whitlam and Barnard would soon precipitate the disastrous Bass by-election.

And Alan Ramsey reported in Melbourne’s Sunday Press that Bob Hawke’s position as ALP President might be in jeopardy…

Sunday Press
Sunday Press
Sunday Press

Of course, the important news of the day was still on Page 1:

Sunday Press
Sunday Press