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Posts tagged as “Paul Hasluck”

Joint Sitting 30th Anniversary

Gough Whitlam's speech to the Whitlam Institute on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Joint Sitting of the Commonwealth Parliament in August 1974.

Twentieth Anniversary: Maintain Your Rage And Enthusiasm

On the 20th anniversary of the Dismissal, Whitlam spoke at a commemorative dinner at the now Old Parliament House in Canberra. It deals with many of the constitutional and political issues raised by the Dismissal, including the role played by the High Court Chief Justice Sir Garfield Barwick.

Sir Paul Hasluck’s 1974 Proclamation Dissolving Parliament

Text of Governor-General Sir Paul Hasluck's proclamation of a double dissolution of the Federal Parliament. Includes audio of the Governor-General's Official Secretary, David Smith, reading the proclamation on the steps of Parliament House.