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Fraser Says Blocking Supply Is Justified By Economic Circumstances And Government Scandals

Like Whitlam, Opposition Leader Malcolm Fraser did the rounds of the Sunday television shows on Sunday, October 19, 1975.

He defended the blocking of Supply on Channel 7’s This Week program. The program was hosted by Brian Naylor. The interview was conducted by Dan Webb and Tom Worland.

Fraser argued that economic circumstances and the Loans Affair scandals justified the blocking of Supply.

He said the Federation would not exist without the Senate power to reject money bills. He said it was absurd to argue that the power should never be exercised.

Despite the interference with Senate places by the New South Wales Premier Tom Lewis and the Queensland Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Fraser maintained the electorate had given the coalition parties an outright majority in the Senate at the last election.

  • Listen to Fraser’s interview (8m)
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